COMEXALE has developed a global offer of lubrificants for Aluminium Extrusion Industry.

The starting material for extrusion is a cylindrical aluminum billet. Individual sections of these blocks are heated to 450 °C and forced by a stem through to stick at these temperatures. It is therefore necessary to apply a release agent or lubricant between the dummy block and the aluminum billet.

Conventional release agents, such as oils, greases and carbon black contaminate the product and are difficult to use. Hexagonal boron nitride offers excellent properties as release agent and lubricant and is easy to apply (EKamold® P2 boron nitride powder, EKamold® WP suspensions and EKamold® Extrusion Spray)

Ekamold® powder

This powder was developed to replace soot generated from open acethylene flames as well as other lubricants such as graphite containing oils and greases.Electrostatically applied Ekamold® boron nitride powder is the […]

Ekamold® spray

The boron nitride Extrusion sprays are ideal for protecting the inner surfaces of the Dies. They offer the following advantages : Outstanding corrosion protection Rapid drying without the need for heat treatment […]

Ekamold® suspension

The Ekamold® W Boron nitride Suspension coating on the shear blade prevents sticking and ensures perfect cut at the end of the extrusion cycle. Avantages list : Simple spray application Outstanding […]