Castool toolings

Since 1996 COMEXALE and CASTOOL have entered in a partnership to service the Aluminium Industry  in EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). Through this partnership, COMEXALE provides efficient solutions based on an Global Approach to make the Aluminium Extrusion Industry better. 

CASTOOL’s single most important contribution is likely its introduction of the System Approach to production.The essence of CASTOOL’s System Approach is that in any production process, if two or more components work together to perform a single function, the effectiveness of none can be credibly evaluated in isolation. Properly employed, this holistic approach to production has proven to invariably increase productivity.

The ultimate production system will have all major interacting components designed and produced by the same supplier. This will provide the unique benefits of undivided responsibility.

With CASTOOL, this is now possible.

Clean-out block

After each change of alloy, and also at least once each day, a clean-out block should be used to remove the build-up of oxide skin from the container liner. The […]

Dummy block

The dummy block is a critical element of the aluminum extrusion production process. Its successful operation depends on a number of factors. For example, press alignment (both thermal and physical), […]

Multi oven controllers

The new multi oven controller uses a single remote Human Machine Interface (HMI) to communicate with multiple ovens. Improved software and hardware allow the operator to view the complete status […]

Quick response container

Benefits of the CASTOOL QR Container: Provides uniform flow of alloy through the die Reduces cost of operation Reduces scrap Reduces downtime Increases productivity Makes isothermal extrusion attainable Increases operating […]

Shear blade

The shape of the cutting edge of CASTOOL Blades is designed and customized to meet the individual requirements of the extruder. CASTOOL Blades are tempered to a toughness that resists […]


The stem acts as a column, transmitting the force of the main cylinder to the billet. It must operate under sometimes extremely high loads without bending, cracking, or upsetting. CASTOOL Stems are […]

Superoven, the ultimate single cell die oven

Benefits of the Castool Die Ovens : No billets wasted and scrap produced by ensuring a die is brought completely to optimum operation temperature. Avoids the use of higher temperature […]

Visual optimizer

The CASTOOL Visual Optimizer is customized to fit each extruder’s needs. Properly used, the CASTOOL Visual Optimizer can be guaranteed to improve the productivity of any extrusion system. Data sheet